SNE ENVIROTECH Water manages water from a sustainable development perspective while listening to and providing customers with appropriate solutions.

Meet growing needs

Population growth, rampant urban sprawl and increasing irrigation mean that in a world where an ever greater volume of water is extracted from finite resources, the sustainable management of water has become a necessity. Wholly committed to this approach and in partnership with its clients, SNE meets today's needs without ignoring future challenges. In managing water cycles, SNE never loses sight of the need to conserve and protect resources. The company helps promote access to water and wastewater services for all, develops alternative resources, constantly reduces the environmental impact of its activities and contributes to promoting eco-citizenship.

Adapt to all customers

As a team of responsible Environmental Engineers aiming to provide for a better world and social responsible organization , it is our mission to
  • Manage the water cycles effectively .
  • Save Water.
  • Protect Water Resources.
  • Manage Environmental footprint.
  • Develop and deploy alternative resources while promoting Access to water for all .