Industrial Effluent Treatment plans

Using less water, recycling more effluents and recycling/recovering materials have nothing to do with the core business of industrial operators. SNE has innovative, competitive solutions that deal with those issues and manage the entire water cycle.

SNE builds and operates water supply schemes including

An essential ingredient

Regardless of industrial sector, water is a vital utility, providing process water, boiler water, cooling water, washing water, water recycled in the production process and drinking water. It can absorb up to 15% of capital expenditures. Its management therefore has a direct impact on a company's economic performance and growth.
  • It takes about 8,000 liters of water, for example, to build an automobile.
  • 4 to 8 liters of water to produce 1 liter of beer.
  • 5 to 15 liters of water to rinse a silicon chip.
  • 11,000 liters of water to make one metric ton of steel.

End-to-end services

Leveraging our subsidiary SNE Solutions & Technologies' expertise, we work with the principal industrial operators in all sectors. We manage all or part of our clients' water cycle, by supplying them with end-to-end solutions to optimize their processes. We are thus players in an industrial environmental process, minimizing their carbon budgets and recovering their effluents and treatment channel products for use as new resources or to produce lower-cost energy.
Thanks to a network of international skills and strong local roots in nearly 66 countries, we provide:
  • Customized technological solutions to design, build and operate industrial water treatment networks and plants.
  • A wide range of dedicated, customizable servicesfor all types of needs and involving various levels of integration.
  • The knowledge and skills of local service providersbacked by an international network of researchers and experts
  • Multidisciplinary expertise in various types of contracts, covering financial, social and legal aspects.

Solutions tailored to client needs

SNE offers solutions that combine productivity, energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact to address your specific industrial issue.
  • Produce "cleanly" and withdraw less water We anticipate regulatory changes to help our clients adapt to new environmental requirements. With our unique portfolio of treatment processes, we also offer them the possibility of recycling and recovering their effluents and sludge.
  • Manage water treatment costsWe can quantify potential sources of productivity gains—optimized maintenance, energy costs, recovery of by-products, etc.—and define the most appropriate strategy to fully leverage them.
  • Enjoy performance guaranteesWe commit to meeting the performance, timeline and cost expectations of industrial operators. Locally-based agencies make sure that we deliver quality customer service, assistance and maintenance.