Given the risk of water resource depletion in some localities, we are constantly upgrading our expertise in alternative resources, especially the recycling of treated wastewater.

Simple & cheap solution to India's grave water crisis: Waste water recycling

Where will India get its water from in the coming years? The water challenge is already grave and could get graver. By 2050, for instance, it is estimated that demand would go up to 1,180 million cubic metres, 1.65 times the current levels, a situation that would be made worse by fast dwindling fresh water resources.

Treated wastewater use has grown sharply in the last several years, by 25% to 60% depending on the region, especially in arid countries such as Australia and Israel. More than 40 million cubic meters of municipal wastewater are now recycled daily worldwide (Source: Global Water Intelligence, Municipal Water Reuse Market 2010). The reuse alternative makes water more available, especially during droughts in some parts of the world, and curtails wastewater discharges into the environment. Treated water can meet a number of needs, particularly non-domestic ones such as irrigation, the replacement of drinking water for industrial uses and the injection and storage of water into underground aquifers after additional treatment.

Appropriate treatments

SNE recycles wastewater from sewage plants after appropriate treatment. The level of treatment depends on the quality required for each type of recycled wastewater use. We develop, produce, build and operate the widest possible range of water treatment processes, offering the best technical solution for local needs. Solutions include advanced clarification, biotreatment, filtration, membrane techniques (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis), ultraviolet disinfection, activated carbon treatment using sand or gravel, ozone disinfection and industrial wastewater recovery installations.

A strong experience

To safeguard public health, operating wastewater treatment plants requires a high degree of professionalism and unfailing reliability. Drawing on our experience implementing several wastewater recycling projects in the last 20 years, we deploy solutions that are both safe and cost-effective. SNE has designed and now operates wastewater reuse facilities with a cumulative capacity of more than 2.4 million cubic meters a day.