A renewable resource

Water is renewed as it passes through two complementary cycles: the short water cycle for farming, industry and domestic use, and the long water cycle involving water from the natural environment (rivers, lakes, aquifers, seas, oceans, ice and clouds). SNE is involved in all stages in the short cycle: we withdraw water from the environment, produce and distribute drinking water and industrial process water; we collect and transport wastewater to our treatment plants where the water is made fit for recycling or discharged back into the ecosystem. We also operate upstream in the long water cycle to protect this natural resource, and downstream to protect the receiving environment.

Strict compliance with health standards

Under the drinking water and wastewater service management contracts entrusted to us by public authorities, SNE's prime focus is always on the safety of consumer health. We implement the necessary technology to ensure the distribution of drinking water compliant with national quality standards and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). From the point of withdrawal in the natural environment through to the consumer's tap, drinking water undergoes constant monitoring.