At the core of its existence SNE is a dedicated team of environmental engineers aimed to make our environment a cleaner, better and close to nature experience, accessible to the common man.
In response to the challenges of population and urban growth, the technological innovations developed by SNE Environment researchers contribute to economic growth that is more focused on people and the environment.

Manage and preserve natural resources

Water programs focus on seawater desalination on one hand and also on aquifer recharge using treated wastewater and storm water. Our waste management research studies ways to improve sorting. In terms of energy resources, SNE researchers work on reducing non-renewable energy consumption and cogeneration. The company also focuses on ways to protect biodiversity.

Control impacts on natural environments

Research goals include perfecting water treatment technologies, improving methods for capturing, storing and recovering CO2, limiting carbon emissions, controlling facility air emissions, expanding the use of electric vehicles for transportation, better controlling the impact of facilities, decreasing sludge production and recycling sludge.

Care for health and living environments

Research is carried out on how water tastes and smells and includes studies of water treatment systems to meet the needs of emerging countries. Air quality, public health risk management and ways to improve transportation systems—through information, comfort, safety, accessibility—are also studied.

Research on deployment of alternative sources of energy

SNE is concentrating a major part of its effort on finding the possibilities of using substitute fuels and biofuels, on biomass and solar heating and on industrial applications for fuel cells. However, we are also interested in waste incinerator energy recovery and assessing the potential of anaerobic digestion plants. This is a new area of research however with the growing energy sector and diminishing fuel supplies we are positive this research will impact our future growth.